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Propeller Repairs - For over 45 years, we've been repairing propellers for many happy customers across Canada! Quite often, your damaged propeller can be repaired and is a great option before buying a new one. We repair outboard, sterndrive and tournament or skiboat propellers made in either aluminum, stainless steel, bronze or nibral.

If you suspect your propeller may be damaged and/or unbalanced, we recommend having your propeller serviced. Sometimes the damage on a propeller is very obvious, such as a bent or damaged blade, but other times it may look fine however you may notice a vibration when your propeller is spinning.


A vibration may be an indicator that your propeller is not balanced. A damaged propeller will affect your boats performance adversely, can increase fuel consumption and can also harm your engine on prolonged use. The cost of a propeller repair is minor compared to the cost of engine repairs so it's always best to be proactive when you suspect damage.

Every propeller we fix is put through a thorough process - re-shaping, welding (if required), re-forming, re-balancing and re-finishing as close as possible to both technical factory specifications and original appearance.

We also repair lower unit skeg and cavitation plates. Unfortunately, the engines lower unit is also not immune to the perils of boating and they too can sustain damage. The skeg and cavitation plate are the most common problem areas. However, both can also be restored and become fully functional once again


Canadian Customers

Repairs can be mailed (Canada Post) to the following address:

Precision Propeller

P.O. Box 3586, LCD 1
Langley, BC

V3A 4R9


Please note: once we receive your propeller we'll call you with a quote for your approval and payment info.


Local Lower Mainland Customers

We moved (June 2016) and no longer have a retail location. Our apologies for any inconvenience, however repairs can no longer be dropped off or picked up direct to / from us.


Repairs must be dropped off to the following drop off location, or check with your local marina or marine mechanic if they have propeller repair service from Precision Propeller:

TNA Marine

#105 - 20550 Duncan Way Langley, BC V3A 7A3

Open Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm*

* Hours may vary on Friday before long weekend

Please DO NOT CALL TNA Marine with questions as they are a drop-off location only. If you have questions, please call us at Precision Propeller 604.596.7311.

What is the process when dropping off a repair at TNA Marine?

  1. Drop off your propeller at TNA Marine and you will receive a work tag for your repair(s).

  2. When we pick up your propeller, we will call/text you with a repair quote.

  3. Once we have your approval on the quote, we will go ahead and complete the repair.

  4. After the repair is complete, we will email you an invoice to request payment.

  5. Once we have payment for the repair, your repair will be returned by the next Friday, or sooner if possible and you will be notified your repair is ready for pick up.

Note: we pick up repairs from TNA Marine on Thursday's only. Please drop off your repairs by Wednesday afternoon at the latest to ensure you are able to have your prop returned by the following Friday.

Repairs will be returned by the following Friday and available for pick-up anytime after 12:00 pm.**subject to change due to workload in season.

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